The R&D Center

The innovation is a priority.

The R&D Center is situated on the site of SYNTHRON and it constitutes a real advantage.

The engineers work daily in order to:

  • Develop new products,
  • Find new applications,
  • Improve the processes,
  • Value the by-products.

The approach starts with the study in order to industrialize new products with short-term, middle-term and long-term programs. The R&D Center has partnerships and collaborations with public and provate, French and foreign research centers.

The CED establishes partnerships and collaborations with public and private, French and foreign outer(foreign) research centers.

SYNTHRON was awarded in the category Additives during China Coatings Summit in June, 2011 for the range of products MODAREZ ® by bringing a scientific and technical contribution to the industry of paints. This prize was also awarded in 2012 by SYNTHRON for the SYNTHRO-THIX, a rheology agent allowing to avoid the sedimentation of pigments and loads in paints.


Jeune homme dans un laboratoire de chimie Pickmonkey