Our products participate to sustainable development


Synthron, as many of its customers has ascertained, a considerable part of energy consumption was dedicated to eliminate water after production. Water is a rare resource in many countries and the cost of its treatment increases everywhere.

Concerned by the effects of chemicals on our planet, Synthron develops more and more products contributing to reduce the consumption of water and energy at our customers’ . This is a major development for the company :

By manufacturing products which reduce water consumption

The group offers products that can reduce the amount of water used in the chemical bleaching of pulp. ACTIRON NS allowed a pulp manufacturer to reduce from 35 to 28 m3 the volume of water used to produce one ton of pulp.
: This range of superplasticizers for concrete allow reduction of the amount of water needed to produce concrete, with the added advantage of increasing mechanical properties of the finished article. For the cured concrete such as concrete pipes, this lower consumption of water also gives a lower energy consumption.

By manufacturing products which reduce energy consumption

The ACTIRON P range of products : These catalysts for powder coatings by reducing the curing temperature and enable a reduction of energy consumption from 5 to 20%.

By manufacturing biodegradable products

MASQUOL GHN 30 is a biodegradable product which replaces usual sequestering agents in the alkaline cleaners for household and industry.
SURFARON A 6120 N 75 is a biodegradable surfactant used in the formulation of cleaners.

By manufacturing products with lower solvent content

SYNTHRO-COMP 60 B is a coupling agent which allows a portion of solvent to be replaced by water in (decorative alkyd) paints and to reduce emissions of solvents in the atmosphere.

By manufacturing products which reduce the use of pesticides

BIOPROX OL 4 N is a vegetable based attractant for olive and orange tree moths which enables the consumption of insecticides to be reduced by 60%.

By manufacturing products which reduce polluting effluents

ACTIRON DP 950 and ACTIRON EP 319 : These sequestering agents used for the bleaching of pulp in paper enable to reduce the concentration of polluting materials in waste water and effluents.
SYNTHRO-FIX WF improves the fixing of dyes on coloured paper and limits the loss of dyes and the resulting pollution.

By replacing the most polluting products

The PROX AMS 169 is an acrylic resin used to replace amine-based epoxy hardeners. Its use is especially appreciated in interior paints where low toxicity is highly sought (schools, hospitals).
MODAREZ X 840 : This wetting agent reduces significantly the surface tension of coatings and efficiently replaces fluorine based wetting agents.