Preventive action and fight against pollution


A permanent training to security

At Synthron, security is a priority. It is based on a regular training of our employees both in plants and laboratories.

Further to a problem which has lead to a severe environment issue (pollution), prevention for Synthron has become a constant concern. The company has decided to increase the training of employees on subjects such as security in plants, laboratories and on environmental protection. This involves not only production staff but also research engineers to develop safer and more ecological products and processes.

A « security passport » has been created in each workshop of the plants, this document lists all the dangerous products indicating the specific risk of each product and reminds the corresponding security recommendations, accidents scenarios…



Working groups: for continuous improvement

Working groups have been set up. Their mission is to look into controlling and preventing pollution risks in the industrial site. Each working group treats one of the specific topics below:

  • Analysis of incidents and accidents with a view to implement corrective actions and follow up their implementation.
  • Modifications and improvements in production processes, equipment and installations.
  • Management of risk prevention.



Collaboration with the Local Fire Brigade

Brigade regularly makes simulation exercises in our Synthron plant.

During the last training session, the exercise was the simulation of a pollution risk due to the leakage of sulfuric chlorhydrine from our new storage tank. The intervention allowed firemen to discover this new installation, to simulate an accident and to react by using our safety procedures.