New products – new applications


In Paints

Pots de peinture remplis de peinture de couleur différente




SYNTHRO ®-STAB TF 501 is a sensor of formaldehyde for the improvement of the air quality inside. The formulation of this product reacts with the molecules of formaldehyde and transforms this substance into harmless and not volatile compound. This product interests the markets of the air quality inside in the public and private places, considering the new regulations on the quality of internal air in applicable ERP ( public access building) from January 1st, 2015 and the manufacturers of paints.


MODAREZ ®PSL 200 improves the levelling of solvent coatings on soiled metal surfaces..[/fivecol_four_last]


In paper

PROX ®-AMINE CE 9122 AL is added to the pulp to soften tissues made with recycled paper which is a growing trend in a sustainable development conscious environment.

SYNTHRO®-FIX WF used together with PROX®-AMINE 13420 ensures an efficient binary treatment of stickies
in the manufacturing of tissue paper


In agriculture

SYNTHRON®-EDDHAS Fe P 6% A new quality of EDDHAS improved iron content has recently been developed, this will open new opportunities in the field of fertilizers, offering a better agronomic value. The product will from now be supplied with:

– a minimum iron content of 6%

– an iron ortho-ortho content superior to 4,2%

It is one of the highest iron quality available on the market with the highest iron ortho-ortho rate


In specialty chemicals

Originally developed to avoid corrosion in metal paints tins, SYNTHRO-COR V 609 B is now used in a cleaning agent for metallic surfaces to prevent corrosion on metal parts during maintenance operations of equipments .

PROX®-MAT C 019 R is new chlorine free powder retarding agent for concrete which also improves its workability.