Synthron Chemistry in the everyday life

Chemistry plays a large part in the improvement of the quality of our daily life :

Paper, building, paints… Without chemistry, these activities could not exist.

The various expertises gathered in the Synthron allow us to manufacture and sell products for numerous activities. This is one of the company strengths, to serve very different industries.

Where do we find our products in the everyday life?

Here are some examples of the presence of chemistry in our everyday life:

maisonMASQUOL are used in the formulation of floor and wall cleaners

revetementsMOUSSEX S 9092 is used in the manufacture of non stick coatings of cooking ware.

jardinGarden plants grow better when they are fed with fertilizers which contain the MASQUOL-ATE trace-elements.

peintures2SYNTHRO-COMP 60 B allows a portion of solvent to be replaced by water in decorative paints.

transportsSYNTHRO-COR V 609 B is used in a cleaning agent for the aeronautics to prevent corrosion of metallic parts of aeroplanes

vehiculesMODAREZ MFP C is used in the top coat finish of passengers cars

peintSYNTHRO-FIX WF is a dyestuff-fixing agent in the production of deep coloured paper